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11 Plus Tutoring High Wycombe

Targeted programmes to support your child with 11 plus preparation

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Arka Learning: Preparing 11+ Students for Success

Welcome to Arka Learning, High Wycombe’s hub for comprehensive 11 Plus tutoring. Our passionate tutors are dedicated to preparing students for the rigours of the 11 Plus exam and entrance into Buckinghamshire’s prestigious grammar schools.

What we Provide in High Wycombe

11 Plus Tutors High Wycombe

Our 11 Plus tutors in High Wycombe are thoroughly trained in the 11 Plus curriculum. They provide personalised tutoring that targets each student’s unique learning needs, ensuring they are well-prepared for the exam and beyond.

Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Entrance Tutors

At Arka Learning, we understand the importance of the 11 Plus exam as a gateway to Buckinghamshire’s top grammar schools. Our tutors are well-versed in the requirements of these schools and provide targeted tutoring to help students gain admission.

11 Plus Maths Tutors High Wycombe 

Our 11 Plus Maths programme focuses on enhancing students’ numerical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Our tutors use a variety of teaching methods to make learning maths enjoyable and effective.

11 Plus English Tutors High Wycombe 

Our 11 Plus English programme is designed to improve students’ comprehension, vocabulary, and creative writing abilities. We aim to foster a deep appreciation for the English language and literature.

11 Plus Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tutors High Wycombe 

Our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning (VR) & Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) programme helps students develop critical thinking skills. Our tutors provide engaging lessons that enhance students’ ability to understand and solve complex problems.

At Arka Learning, we’re here to help navigate the challenges of the 11 Plus exam and beyond. Book a free assessment today to discover how our 11 Plus programmes can benefit your child’s educational journey.

Our Approach 

We begin our 11+ programme with a free assessment to establish your child's level. Our assessments are designed to align with your child's age and ability, giving us a clear sense of where each student is currently at as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Assessment

Based on the assessment we will set a study programme that is suitable to your child's level and aligned to the requirements of the Buckinghamshire 11+. Students will work through their custom designed 11+ programme at their own pace.

2. Study Programme

Reporting and monitoring is built into our programme. Students are continually assessed as they work through topics to ensure they are working at the correct level for them. This forms the basis of regular reporting back to to parents and carers in relation to their child's progress. 

3. Monitoring & Reporting

Our Details

Unit 56, 17 Union Parade, Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire, HP11 2BQ

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Contact: | 01494 924 500

If you'd like to find out more about how ARKA can help your child flourish then get in touch.

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